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Course 104: Improving Collections At The Time Of Service $ 79.00
Course 105: How to Conduct the Patient Interview $ 79.00
Course 106: Improving Data Collection and System Entry $ 79.00
Combination Discount Pricing 
2-Course Combination Set of Course 104, 105, or 106: 
Please circle which courses you are ordering)
$ 145.00
3-Course Combination Set of Course 104, 105 and 106:  $ 205.00

Each Course is approximately 1 and 1/2 hour and presented in a classroom/workshop setting and contains instructional, visual & question/answer material.

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Single Courses  [add $10.00 s&h per course] Price
____ Course 104: Improving Collections at the Time of Service $  79.00
____ Course 105: How To Conduct The Patient Interview $   79.00
____ Course 106: Improving Data Collection and Systems Entry  $   79.00

Two Course Combinations [add $15.00 s&h per 2-course set] Price
____ 2-Course Set (Circle two: 104, 105  or  106) $ 145.00

Three Course Combinations [add $18.00 s&h per 3-course set] Price
____ 3-Course Set of Courses 104, 105 &  106 $ 205.00
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