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Is Managed Care Managing Your Practice?


How has Managed Care changed your Vital Signs?
Physicians are asking: Where is our money

Whether you're a solo practitioner or a large or small group practice, managed care has already changed the way you do business! For the internist, pediatrician or family practitioner, your role as "gatekeeper" has placed new responsibilities on the way you register and schedule your patients. For specialists, your concern must center around receiving authorizations and referrals. Regardless of practice type, maintaining and managing a bottom line while practicing quality medicine is one of your greatest concerns. If you find that you are practicing quality medical care, billing clients and third parties and still you don't see the financial return you were expecting, DEKAYE Consulting, Inc. can help you improve your office operations and financial results.


These are just a few of the problems that you may have already encountered. For others, inability to generate a claim, losing money from a particular contract, or simply trying to figure out how to make your office paper and patient flow smoother all contribute to "office-itis". Let us show you how to re-invent practices with practical solutions.


With our "Ten Point VITAL SIGNS Diagnostic Check-Up," we'll examine those office functions that impact operations and financial performance. You will receive a report of our findings and recommendations. In most cases, our report will serve as your guide to problem solving or removing impediments. Where required or requested, DEKAYE Consulting, Inc. can provide you with implementation assistance. While we suggest periodic reviews, we'll give you the tools to help you decide when to call us for advice and assistance.


The answer is a resounding YES! While our clients include hospital and large academic practices, we have developed a fee structure that is reasonably proceed so as to provide the practice marketplace with access to value-added services. And because we are well-known in the healthcare community, part of the value we add are the contacts we bring to you. Although we have a "Big 6" accounting firm background, as an independent consulting firm, our fees and services have been tailored to be competitive without being encumbered by huge overhead. We have even created a separate schedule for our Medical Records Coding and Educational Services and Physician Awareness Programs.


Just call, fax or E-Mail us and tell us about your practice. Let us know your issues and objectives. We'll give you an idea of how we can help. Our goal is to provide committed and dedicated quality service and meet your needs.

Ten Point VITAL SIGNS Diagnostic Check-Up

We will examine and report on the impact managed care has made
in the following areas of your Practice Management.

Appointment Scheduling Medical Record Coding
Patient Registration and Eligibility Verification Billing and Claims
Referrals and Authorizations Collections
Up-front Payment Accounts Receivable Management
Charge Collection Revenue Reporting and Analysis

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